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Growing Potatoes in Old Tires

Springtime means gardening time and there is nothing like growing and harvesting your own vegetables. While many home gardeners grow tomatoes and peppers, not many grow potatoes in their backyards – probably because the traditional methods of growing them can be labor intensive. But did you know that you can grow potatoes very easily using old tires as planters? The method is simple:

  • Simply put a layer of gravel in an old tire for drainage followed by several inches of garden soil.
  • Plant your seed potatoes in the open area of the tire.
  • As the potato plants grow, add dirt so that only the top of the plant remains visible.
  • Stack more tires as needed to accommodate the vertical growth of your potato plants.

Your potatoes will be ready to harvest when the tops of the plants begin to die. To harvest your potatoes, remove the tires. Not only will you have a bunch of dirt, but you will also have a whole bunch of delicious. home-grown potatoes.

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