Garden Catalogs: Shop from Home

Garden catalogs offer a huge selection of standard and unique varieties of fruits, flowers, and vegetable plants, along with trees and shrubs. They’re an easy way to shop if you don’t have time to get to a garden center, or if you’re looking for plants that are unusual or hard to find. Many feature great deals and discounts.

Garden catalogs feature plants as well as seeds for the garden. Merchandise can also include tools, sprays, fertilizers, traps, repellents, and other useful items. Catalogs are available online (use your Yahoo! Search engine) or through snail mail.

You’ll find information including:

  • which growing zones are right for each plant (check a USDA Zone Map online for your growing zone)
  • where (sun or shade) and when to plant
  • what size, color and shape your plants, flowers, and fruits will be when full grown
  • how long it takes for fruits and vegetables to reach maturity
  • when and for how long flowers, fruits, and vegetables will bloom
  • what the plant’s growth habit is (trellis, container, groundcover, hedge, etc.)
  • if the plant has special characteristics like “disease resistant” and “drought tolerant”, or if it attracts visitors like hummingbirds or butterflies

Place your order online, over the phone, or on a pre-printed form. Orders are shipped promptly so timing is important. Ordering early ensures the best selection, but the plants may need care until they go into the ground. If they are packed in soil or another medium, keep the roots moist so they don’t dry out before you plant. Bare-rooted plants don’t need any additional care before planting.

Your plants may be small when they arrive, and it could take few years before they reach their mature size. Call the company for details before you place an order.

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