Five Ways to Protect Your Garden from Your Pets

If you have cats or dogs, they probably enjoy being out in the yard just as much as you do. The only problem is that if you have a flower garden or a vegetable garden, it can be damaged by your pet. Of course, just because you have pet’s this does not mean that you can not have a beautiful garden. There are several ways you can protect your garden, and keep your pet happy as well.

Small fences and thorns

A little fence that sticks slightly out of the ground may help to deter your pet from the garden. This works well for small pets, however, it may not stop bigger pets from stomping around in your yard. There are different types of fences that you can choose, from. When it comes to your garden you will have to treat your house pet like an outside pest. This means protecting both your garden and your pet.

A foul smelling border

There are some plants that dogs and even cats just can not stand to smell. If you make these special items part of the border for your garden then it may help in keeping out your pets. Do your research to find the right plants that will not cause harm to your pets, but at the same time protect your garden.

Give them their own space

If your pet likes to play out in the yard, why not give them their own space. You can fence off a portion of the yard that your pet can run in and dig in and whatever else they want to do. By them having their own space they are more likely to stay out of your garden.

Use rocks

You can also stack rocks around the garden area to keep some of the pets out. Rocks that are perfect for the garden can be found at your local garden center. You can lay them out to add a charming look to your garden, as well as help your pets to avoid getting into it.

No Chemicals

Regardless of what you may see advertised it is never a good idea to use chemicals to keep your pet out of your yard. Natural is always the better way. Remember that your pet is part of your family, and you will want them to have the enjoyment of the yard as much as everyone else.

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